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What Are Cataracts In The Eye

If Corneal Abrasion Is Left Untreated Or If The Treatment Is Delayed For That Matter, The Chances Are That It May Worsen And Eventually Lead To Visual Impairment.

First of all, let us take a look at the advantages of LASIK eye surgery. What Causes Blood Vessels to Burst in the Eye? This type of bleeding can be very painful, and cause damage to the organs or tissues, and lead to conditions like arthritis. Like the ruptured vessels in any other part of the body, blood vessels in hands or legs can also heal on their own within a week or two. Actions such as lifting heavy objects can also make the eyes red. One may not have any kind discharge, change in vision or pain in the eye. You can visit your doctor to get rid of any doubts whatsoever on eye vessel burst. The most prominent symptom of blood vessel burst in eye is a bright red patch on the sclera white of the eye.

Once blood clots have formed inside the eyes, it will be there for 2-3 weeks. If corneal abrasion is left untreated or if the treatment is delayed for that matter, the chances are that it may worsen and eventually lead to visual impairment. The additional symptoms may vary with the underlying cause and its severity. Apart from keeping the eyes moist, tears help to wash away dust and foreign bodies from the eyes. Glaucoma can damage the optic nerves, which can eventually lead to loss of vision.

subconjunctival hemorrhage